“As a little girl we couldn’t afford much but my mother always made an effort to buy me a beautiful nightie or a set of PJ’s - it was her love language. To this day she still buys me a piece of sleepwear and it has become our love language. It is my sincere hope that Nahla sleepwear will be a love language that women speak to themselves and other women.”

These were the words I first wrote when I started Nahla. It has been both wonderful and humbling to see them unfold in the way they have. With every order that I have had the privilege of processing, I often shed a tear when you my clients tell me for whom and why you are buying the sets.

I get to write some of the most personal and beautiful notes from sister to sister or friend to friend. This is why we started- and this is why we will continue to do our very best to constantly improve and make beautiful pajamas that tell a story of how important you are and the women in your lives.

Nahla and Kori

P.S. Always remember your strength and beauty